Komtyndi is a multi-talented artist born in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon. Her parents belong to different ethnic origins (her dad is from the Eastern part of the country and her mom is a native of the Coast) and she grew up in a rather rich cultural interbreeding.

For the past 15 years, Komtyndi has been working with some renowned artists in her country, such as: Manu Dibango, Sally Nyollo, Gino Sitson, Anne-Marie Nzié, Sam Fan Thomas to name but a few. In 2004, Komtyndi founded “Le soleil levant Band.” With her band, she performed in French Cultural Centers, Community Arts Centers and National Festivals (Kolatier, Massao, JA-JAZZ, Jazz sous les Manguiers, Jazz sans Frontières). She receives various awards and recognition such as “the Best Female Performance,” the “Kolatier and Massao Discovery Award” (Voix de Femme). Between 2006 and 2010, Komtyndi was also a soloist and a choir singer for the Cameroon National Orchestra.

Early enough, Kontyndi, aware of the lack of infrastructure in Cameroon, wanted to give back to the community. She spent several years creating and offering artistic workshops to young Cameroonians from diverse horizons. As a dedicated artist, she was able to transmit her passion to her fellow emerging artists who found through her music and dance workshops the place to realize their own projects.

When she arrived in Quebec in 2010, Komtyndi joined the Chœur de l’Art Neuf with the aim of polishing her voice, and gaining more flexibility. This will allow her to continue to develop her creation projects by venturing more easily into different directories. She participates in several concerts of sacred musics, she also participated in the recording “o Kébèk ” by Raôul Duguay, lyric writer of the National anthem, and Director Alain Sauvageau. This collaboration with the Chœur de l’Art Neuf will also led her to participate in a fundraising concert in support of people suffering from Parkinson’s disease, under the skillful direction of Marie Bernard, a renowned author, arranger and composer in Quebec and in the Francophonie, with the gracious participation of the internationally famous Tenor Marc Hervieux.

Komtyndi gets involved with artistic organizations such as the Choir Element project of the Montreal Out of Time Jazz Festival, managed by Christine Duncan. She also participates in various events on the Montreal scene such as the Festival Nuits d’Afrique, MOM souk, La FALLA.

In 2013, Komtyndi received the Residence of Creation of the PRÉLUDE program (Cirque du Soleil, C.AM, TOHU) and was among the finalists of the C.A.M. Cultural Diversity in Visual Arts Award.

Recently chosen to participate in the musical showcase “Vitrine des musiques métissées de Vision Diversité,” she was awarded two prizes (the coup de cœur d’Espace Musique of RADIO – CANADA and the coup de cœur of MUNDIAL MONTREAL) which, undoubtedly marks the beginning of a very promising career.

At the beginning of 2018, Komtyndi went into studio to record her very first single entitled “Komtyndi”, which is to be released during the month of November.